Ripping errors with clonedvd

lately when im ripping a disc with clonedvd its been very touchy, what i mean is if i am doing anything else while ripping (chatting, surfing) the light on my 708a will turn green, especially if im scrolling down a webpage. this is causing glitches in my rips and is really annoying, dont tell me i have to do absolutely nothing else while im ripping.

windows server 2003
plextor px-708a fw 1.06
768mb 2100 ddr
using default MS ide drivers (nforce2 chipset)

Please check if DMA is enabled for your drive. I don’t know where you can check this in MS Server 2003 but in XP it’s located under Device Manager, System, IDE Channel properties. The IDE channel that has your Plextor drive attached to it should be set to UDMA mode 2, if it’s not remove this channel and reboot. Also, I see you have an nVidia chipset on board, are you using the nVidia IDE drivers? Please remove them and use the default Microsoft drivers instead. The nVidia ones are the cause of many problems. More on this can be read here in our Plextor Forum.


Oops! Sorry about that, need to read better :wink: Luckily the rest of my reply is still valid.

well actually server 2003 is very similar to xp, the drive is in dma mode for sure. lately ive been having the same issues when burning. if i do ANYTHING else while burning the used read buffer in nero drops horrendously

I suggest to connect your CD/DVD Writer on a separate IDE cable.

well, unfortunately it is on its own calbe :slight_smile: its my only optical drive, my 2 hard drives are on a separate ide cable

I too am having problems with CloneDVD. Recently when burning DVD’s (both from disk and from file) the system reboots - no error messages, no warning. Previously have had no problems - used in connection with AnyDVD the system had been 100% perfect; now less than 50%.

I have checked for viruses etc and the system appears clean.

Using CloneDVD2
Windows XP with SP2

Any ideas or suggestions gratefully accepted.