Ripping errors and AccurateRip

Have tried ripping with EAC, quite a number of what look to be CDs in excellent condition, only to get errors reported on quite a few tracks by AccurateRip. I am using the drive on my Dell laptop. Assuming I get access to a PC, is there a CD burner that I should be using instead?

On a related point, I am about to shift to a 120v country for 2 years; do the internals of PCs in 120 volt countries run off different current and voltage or are they all ‘scaled’ somewhere after the power lead entrance … i.e. can I shove a CD-DVD drive I buy in Europe into that of a PC in a 120 volt country?


Yes they all run off the same voltage. The difference between European and North American house mains is entirely handled by the computer’s power supply

(The power supply has a pretty easy job since everything in a computer runs off of DC.)