Ripping error message check sum



over the last 5 months I have noticed I am getting ‘can’t complete check sum error’ messages when using any DVD copying software on about 50% of new DVD films. Any solutions please


There’s something seriously afoot with your PC, I think. Check for virus, trojans and malware spyware first…then do a complete defrag of your HD. Also, check your dvd burner using Nero DriveSpeed. Get it here:


Thank you. I do virus and malware everyday and have active protection. I will check the DVD burner with Nero Drive speed. Some movies are no problem but some just cant be copied on my machine. I have not tried the same movies on another machine though, this would identify if my machine was a problem.


True…it would identify the problem. Also, if you are using DVDShrink just be aware that the program hasn’t been updated for a while so there might be new CSS copy encryption that will beat it. Try DVD Fab decrypter instead…get it here:

If you use FAB, be aware that it only decrypts. You’ll still need to use Shrink to shrink the DVD to fit on a dvdr-.
Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Kevinuk123, make sure you always have the latest version of AnyDVD. This proggy is designed to work best together with CloneDVD.
For further questions visit our AnyDVD forum section.

BTW, no need to worry about viruses/trojans/malware. :wink: