Ripping Episodes of TV Shows



Okay, I’ve got DVDFab Platinum with Mobile option.

It works great, except I’ve got this one issue. Sometimes when I’m ripping episodes of TV shows off DVD, one of two things happens:

  1. There are 7 episodes on the disc, all of which show up as frame resolution 624x480 and aspect ratio of 1.300000 (4:3). When I set the kbps to 2000, some show a bits/pixel ratio of .279 and other show one of .223. When I rip them, the .279 is fine and the .223 looks like crap, even though the final kbps is ~2000 and the file size is the exact same.

What’s causing this? Why do I need to up the kbps on some of the episodes to 2500 and leave some at 2000? They should be exactly the same.

  1. On other TV show DVDs, sometimes the list of available frame resolutions is different for one or two episodes out of the bunch. That is, all will be available at 624x480, except one which only goes as high as 608x464…

Why is this happening? Shouldn’t they be exactly the same?



Yes, they [B]SHOULD[/B] all be the same.

I suspect it’s a mastering issue - whether it’s deliberate or not on the part of the studios is up to you to decide, but, it means you’ll have to be a little more diligent when copying to get acceptable results (unless Fengtao can come up with a programmed solution).

Diligent=more work to get acceptable results…




Does anyone know how DVDFab decides which resolutions are available? Does that come from the DVD or from within DVD Fab? And, this still doesn’t explain why, when the resolutions are the same the bit/pixel ratios are different between episodes. Does anyone have any ideas?



The sizes are generated based on the cropped aspect ratio of the input content, user settings, and the device profile. The bits/pixel is calculated from the bitrate, framerate and frame size. I am not sure what you are seeing but I would think you could look at the input and output files with tools like Gspot, MediaInfo or the like and perhaps find some differences.


it is very unusual to have 7 episodes on 1 dvd - usually an original dvd holds only 3 or 4 episodes. so a box set for an entire season of shows can run to 6 dvds - 6 x 4 = 24 episodes.

check ( by watching the original) dvd in a stand-alone player how many different episodes are actually available from the main menu, then rip only those.

I recall with that some x-files series diiscs, DVDfab would find 6 titles but only 4 would be accessible from dvd menus, the other 2 would be duplicates but with extra scenes added/deleted, and were not accessible at all via standard dvd menus.

seeing different resolutions for different episodes is usually a sign that the “source” is actually a 2nd hand compilation . e.g. has been created from torrents. all your dvd source file dimensions should be 720x480 or 720x576