Ripping Episodes from DL DVDs

Hi there,

I have a bunch of legal, legitimate boxed-sets of certain seasons for a variety of the Star Treak series (Voyager/DS9/TNG etc) and they are all Dual-Layer format DVDs (Region 4).
My question is this - I want to be able to rip the individual episodes from the DVDs --> to separate AVI/MPG etc files that I can then copy on to my Creative Zen Vision. I have tried using a combo of DVD Decrypter and AutoGK, however I am encountering problems in that I do not exactly know what I am doing.

When I rip the individual episode from the DVD using DVD Decrypter, I am unable to select the “English” audio stream and instead I end up with a .vob file of the episode with a German or Dutch audio dub. Another issue I am having is when I attempt to do it another way with DVD Decrypter, I end up with an AVI file that is up-side down.

But yeah, the end result is I’d like to be able to rip the individual episodes to separate 350mb-500mb files encoded in either DivX or Xvid that I can then copy and watch on my Creative Zen Vision: M.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



PS: Please advise me if this has been posted in the wrong section

You can rip the individual episodes in ifo mode in dvd decrypter, here’s a guide