Ripping Enhanced "Stuff" with EAC?

Hey, I’ve been wanting to do this kind of thing with EAC for a long time now, ever since i started out ripping with EAC (bout 4 or 5 years ago?). I have plenty of Enhanced CDs but there are no real programs out there to rip the enhanced side of them, usually the last data/track whatever u wanna call it, on these cds. EAC is really the only program i’ve found that can live up to my expectations and I was hoping someone knows of a program you can use in conjunction with EAC to rip Enhanced tracks? (No not the audio). Or is there someone out there who could start developing one? I have asked Andre, the creator of EAC, if he could make an attempt to make this possible, but he simply said that it was too complicated. I’m about to rip my whole archive of cds I own on my computer and was hoping that by now someone would have figured this out, if even possible. Basically, I’m just tired of not having the whole of my Enhanced CDs somewhere safe and basically just watching their quality slowly go down the drain. Hope someone can help. Thanx.

What do you mean, like videos etc? Can’t you just copy the contents of the CD using from the drive from My Computer and put them in a folder by the main audio files?

Yep, basically anything that would be a part of the mix, not including audio. I have thought of simply copying the files but am hesitant to do so, since we could simply do this with older cds with the audio, but the reason people dont is because that is not efficient enough, at least from what I can tell. I don’t see how simply copying the files by right clicking would be good enough, it’s a bit hard to tell because I have not seen any extensive research, or looking at the enhanced area, done in this area except maybe creating image files with Nero or CDRwin. From what I gather the enhanced area is made for the pc, but I am way too suspicious about it to simply be able to say that all I need to do is right click and copy to the desired folder. It just feels like to me that there has to be more to it than that, if there needs to be a sample offset to rip audio files accurately, and software to do so efficiently, then i don’t see how the enhanced end of the cd would be any different.

By the way, usually in the past when looking at “enhanced” files on the cd, they usually seemed to be Macromedia Flash files ;).

Well, it WOULD be a bit complex. You’d have to use something like Nero to build an enhanced CD up again. Not impossible, but a pain in the butt.

I understand that it probably would be a pain in the butt, but at one point in time wasnt creating a cd ripping program for the first time? Im not expecting something like this to be easy, every program that someone creates, that no one else has ever done before, is going to be a pain in the butt. I just wish that someone would try, instead of just saying it’s going to be hard.

It’s an “effort versus results” sort of thing. There are so few enhanced CD’s, and even fewer where the enhanced portion is even vaguely worthwhile, and of that MINISCULE percentage… how many people out there REALLY want the data? Pretty much just you. :wink:

Not trying to be mean, just saying that very few program authors write their programs for an audience of 10 people.

No, I understand completely :). I just thought I’d at least give it a shot and hope for the best. Appreciate the input :cool: . Hope someone out there is willing.