Ripping dvds to Hardrive for viewing



i need help figure out which programs will make a ripped dvd veiwable on my hardrive. i have drdivx but i havent been able to get it to work i have Dvd Shrink and Decryptor am i missing something obvious or can you point me to a how section some where lol. i used the search but couldnt locate the proper info ty for any assistance


You did not state what program you ripped it with or in what format. If you ripped it as a ISO then you would have to use dvdshink or another program to convert it to dvd format. If you backed it up as dvd format on the hardrive you should have a folder video_ts that has the files for the dvd and one shoul be a video_ts.ifo file which is the first video play file. You can right click on it and open it with windows media player. nero player, powerdvd player or one of many others out there and it should then use that program to play the video. here is a site that explains the dvd video_ts folder files better than I can

There are many players program out there that you can use besides windows media player some are free and others like powerdvd which I like and use cost money.
Hope this helps


im using dvd shrink to rip is their a progam to convert it to avi or mpeg files?? iguess would be a better question i cant access that websites


try it again I fixed the website line in my post

there are programs out there to convert it to mpeg and avi but I have not used one in years see no reason to convert it when I can play it as a dvd. Not sure of a free program to convert it but if there is one someone I am sure will post it.


If you only want to view the files, any DVD software such as Power DVD or WinDVD can play the .IFO & .VOB files. Another alternative is to grab Media OPlayer Classic that comes with the KS Codec Pack. This is a free solution if viewing the Rips is all you want to do. If you are actually wanting to convert them, you will have to get software that converts DVDs to AVI or MPEG…there is a ton of them out there, but TMPENG is a good start (for converting to MPEG). Hope this helps!