Ripping DVD's onto your PC



I’ve heard that you need a program called DVD Decryptor (sp) to rip your DVD movies onto your PC. However, I was wondering what format they came out as. (I want to just rip the movie and not all the other content on the DVD).


For that you’ll be better off with DVD Shrink where you can more easily select the right streams and trim the movie. However some of the newer copy protections can’t be circumvented with this tool, so you’ll need something like AnyDVD to handle that in the background.


Copy protection removal tools

AnyDvD - 30 Day trial


RipIt4Me with FixVts - Free


DvD Decrypter - For Dual Layer - Free
DvD Shrink - For Single Layer - Free

Then take the output which can be as an Iso or VoB,Ifo and Bup files and use DvD Decrypter or Imgburn to burn the image to disk.

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