Ripping DVDs -> Mpeg/XVid?

Hey guys and gals,

It’s a been a while since I’ve posted here on the forums. Anyways, I figured you guys would know. Since I’ve gotten my Lite-On 411s, I’ve had nothing but the joy of burning coaster free (thanks to all of your suggestions and reccomendations). Anyways, this is sort of on the same issue…

I own all the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. dvds, and I’d like to rip each of the episdoes into Mpegs, using something like the XVid codec, so I don’t have to keep switching the DVDS everytime I want to watch a specific video.

I’ve never done this before, and i hear it’s sort of a lenghty, semi-complicated process. So, I was wondering if all you gurus could give me some advice on what programs to use, etc. Someone suggested DVDShrink, followed by encoding it in the XVid codec. If someone could help me out, it’d be great! Links would be great also! Thx in advance!


first mpeg uses mpeg video
xvid is a codec compatible with avi

for more info go here :
and look for convert it has guides for every type of conversion.


The short short version:
DVD Decrypter (Rip DVD) --> Avisynth (IVTC if it’s NTSC or atleast deinterlacing + some filtering) --> VirtualDubMod --> XviD.
You can use VirtualDubMod to demux audio from the VOB files, then use SSRC and LAME to convert/recompress audio to mp3.
The last step will be to merge (mux) your XviD-based video stream with your audio stream in VDubMod.