Ripping dvd

hi, ok well when i rip a dvd it always comes in many files. atleast 4 sometimes 15 or so. i just want to know how to make it all 1 avi. file. if anyone can help that would be great. O and also i have a sony external dvd/cd drive and it rips slow how do i speed it up?


they are my own movies by the way im not stealing.

Look at this site, many options.

What are you ripping your “own movies” with?
There are many tools/methods to convert DVD to AVI…
AutoGK, FairUse Wizard, AviDemux, etc…
Or all-in one like DVDFab Plat/Gold…

Do you now have a VIDEO_TS folder on your HDD?

To convert your dvd into avi files you can use any one of a dozen programs, most of which are free. AutoGK is one, Xvid4PSP (misleading name), SUPER, FairUseWizard, etc. Look at the conversion program list over at

Can’t answer about your external drive. It may be riplocked (ripping speed locked in the firmware)…you’d have to tell us what model Sony you have.

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well i just got avs ripper it is working good, slow but good i just need to know how to speed up ripping time. is there somewhere on my computer i can go to speed things up?

How fast is it ripping? Could you list your computer specs for us and someone can tell you if it can go faster or not