Ripping DVD with vStrip

Hi. I’m having trouble because I found vStrip 0.8f_css , I have read thet many people say thet it’s very dood, I download 2 tutorials, but I ancounter this problem that makes me thing I’m doing something wrong.

1- I open the vStrup GUI and click ‘1-Input’, and select the VOB files. The ‘Is VOB?’ box is selected, I checked.

Strangely, on the lower screen, I don’t see any information, like the ones I saw on the tutorial I read, like:

0xBF private stream 2 [@ LBA 0]
VOD-ID 01/CELL-ID: 01 [@ LBA 0]
0xE0 (Video Stream 0) PTS 0:00:00.129 [@ LBA 1]
key: 0xE19080299 [@ LBA 1]
0xBD (Private Stream 1) [@ LBA 6]
0xBD 0x80 (AC3 audio stream 0) PTS 0:00:00.046 (->delay 0:00:00.084) [@ LBA 6]
… end so on, going on the other streams description including a paddling stream

2- I go to the ‘2-IFO’ screen and select the longest IFO file, i.e. the movie. I select the language I awant to rip and so on…

3- I go to the ‘3-Output’, I select the name of the file, I click ‘Start’ but I receive a warning that says me the DVD is encrypted and I cannot go on.

Is there something to do ? Did I, maybe, download a wrong file? But I repeated its download from two different places and ther were equal! Or is the application completely useless?


OK, I’ll answer myself. The author of the application left his e-mail address on it and he was so kind that he answered to my question. The problem was simple: I just needed to authenticate the DVD before ripping it. I was sugggested to open the DVD with a DVD reading program, but I used SmartRipper which is very good to authenticate DVDs. After the authentication, the ripping program was able to rip the DVD perfectly!
(Thanks, maven!).