Ripping DVD to convert into avi



Hi everyone, I have done a bit of searching and can’t seem to find the answer (but i suspect it’s here somewhere) so forgive me if it’s already been posted.

I’m trying to rip a TV Series from the DVD into episodes so i canvert them into avi’s using AutoGk 2.40, i know someone has said DVDFab can do this but i like the result AutoGk 2.40 gives, the problem if you can call it that is i just want to make sure i have the right settings to do the ripping to my drive before i convert using AutoGK 2.40.

This is how i have it set right now,

Can anyone let me know if i have it set right please and if not what I’m doing wrong and how should i have things set.

Many thanks

All1 :bigsmile:


If you want an individual file for each Title (episode), use the VOB Passthrough option in DVD to Mobile. Select all the episodes before you click Next; the conversions will run as a batch. With the settings you have, you will get a DVD folder but the Titles may not be a single VOB file (depending on the size). If AutoGk will read the IFOs in the DVD folder, what you have will work.


Yep, AutoGK will read the IFO’s so it will work, but why not use the DVD to Mobile function of Fab?


Gidday. Wondered the same thing; personal preference I guess.