Ripping DVD to AVI problem with slide show

A while ago me and some friends organized a big private party which had over 600 visitors. For this party we contacted a guy to ask him to record things and make a DVD for us. He did it for a small fee, he made the DVD and gave us copies.
But I want to rip my DVD to AVI now and I’m having problems with the last VOB file. Normally when I rip a DVD (which I do rarely) I just convert the VOB files to AVI and use a program to “glue” them all together. But the guy who made the DVD for us added a small slideshow at the end of the last VOB file and for some reason that messes up the last VOB file: it either won’t convert or converts into a corrupted file.
I’ve also tried to cut out the slideshow with editing software but it’s not working. I just use random software, mostly trial versions, that I find on the internet so maybe I’m just using crappy software. The guy who made the DVD won’t answer my emails. There’s some stuff on the last VOB file that I want to upload to youtube so I really want to rip that last file. Can anyone here offer advice?

You can try DVD Shrink.
Import DVD in and go to reauthor mode, where you can trim the file.
Just cut the end off.
If that does not you can try VobBlanker to cut the end off.

Yeah DVDShrink should be helpfull…There is also AviDemux, which is a pretty cool app with some nice editing features…

DVD shrink did the trick, thanks for the fast advice!
Since I’m asking anyway… maybe you can recommend this total noob some video converting software as well. I want to convert to Xvid, I’m looking at the list of software this site recommends, which is the best for someone like me? I’m looking for software that’s easy to use. I already have a converter but it’s not that great and I’d like to try out another. Thanks.

There are few on this site you can choose from.

I do not do mpeg4, so cannot really recommend one.