Ripping DVD Movies

Ok guys I have a problem!
Whenever I want to rip a DVD movie I sometimes have to change the windows region code because i have movies with different regions, and I can only do this 5 times - is there anyway around this - so that I frequently can rip from either Region 1 or 2.

You can also change the region code in the registry of the software wich plays your dvd

And how do i do that?, I dont know what program DVD2mpg uses to play the dvd.

Before I flashed my DVD-ROM firmware with hacked firmware, I never had a problem ripping DVDs from various regions, even though WinDVD or PowerDVD refused to play DVDs outside of region 2.

I heard that certain new DVDs have problems ripping and will report with a locked sectors error regardless of the ripping software or the method used (including manual authenticate) to rip the DVDs. :confused:

I use DVD Decrypter available from: :wink: