Ripping DVD movie




I have a movie that I want to rip and watch in my PC as an AVI video (xVID) there is a DVD ripper I’m sure that rips with a great quality in .AVI files around 700 MB… I want to rip like that! I mean, I rip with some programs and they rip with some good quality around 2 Gb and that… And I know there is thsi DVD ripper that rips the movie around 700 Mb and with a great looking quality… What I’m sure about is that is coded like XVID… And when I hit properteries and that it says all the props. ok, but I RIP WITH THE SAME ONES and there is still 2GB rips… Please, does anybody know this program? PLEASE!

PS: I have two movies ldownloaded like that, they both are exactly 698 Mb, different movies, from different places, but I’m sure the SAME ripper.


I have another clue: The resolution of both movies is: 528x288 px… Please I’ve tried everything but I know I’m missing one thing… The wonderful DVD ripper that does what I’ve said… PLEASE!


My suggestion is to use the following system:

[li]Rip the original DVD into the HDD first with DVD Decrypter (is still usable with most movies) or with AnyDVD (not free but excellent) or with DVDFab Decrypter (excellent and free)
[/li][li]Once you have all DVD files on the HDD, run AutoGK and set as file size 700MB. It will do automatically all the work for you. The time required for the conversion is related to the power of your CPU.

This should work :slight_smile:

AutoGK is very simple to use, but if needed you can find a good guide here.


+1 for AutoGK. I used that exclusively for xvid when I was on Windows. It’s great stuff.



Duuuuuuuuuude! Thank you very much man, it takes ages in my PC but the final product is great!



You’re welcome :slight_smile:


I bet a lot of dvd ripper programs can do it in one step. Here is one:

Imoo DVD Ripper Platinum
Customize the size of output audio and video file for different devices…