Ripping dvd into workable file format

Hello all. Newb question of course.

I have a DVD burner, Nero, DVD Decryptor, and DVD Shrink. I was wondering how to rip DVD’s into a file format that I can then convert using another software to put onto my PMP (which can only play .avi’s).

My first go at it, I threw in the DVD, and opened up DVD Shrink and pressed “backup”. As a result, a bunch of .VOB files were created on my harddrive. What’s the next step?

And also, lets say I make this into a large single .avi file. What is the best program to use to break these into single episodes? Nero Vision?

Thanks very much all.

So, I did some more researching on this site and through Nero help files and found that I could use Nero Recode to change the .VOB files into .mp4 files. Which I then converted into the proper .AVI files for my portable media player.

But, is there a faster way to do this? This was my time line:

  1. Ripped the DVD with DVD Shrink - 1 hour.
  2. Opened the VOB files in Nero Recode, and clipped the file for the first episode - 15 minutes.
  3. Recoded to MP4 - 20 minutes (for a 22 minute episode at 400kbps).
  4. Converted to .AVI - 5-7 Minutes.
  5. And now I have to do steps 2-5 for each other episode.

Any inefficiencies here? I would think I could rip directly into an .mp4 or other workable format, and use some software to just cut it into pieces. No?

Does anyone know how to rip a DVD directly to an .mp4, .avi, or .mpg file?

I currently have Nero 7.0, DVD Decryptor, and DVD Shrink. Previously, I had thrown in a DVD and ripped it with DVD Shrink, but it only outputted .VOB files (which I ultimately got to .mp4, but had to go through an additional step).

I know DVDFab Platinum (which isn’t free, I’m afraid) will do it, because I did it yesterday (the DVD-to-.mp4 thing, that is).

Not sure of any free software that’ll do it, although there must be some about :slight_smile:

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From your original post, the redundant step is re-encoding with DVD Shrink for an hour. Instead you could just rip the DVD as an ISO using DVD Decrypter, then mount the image in an MPEG2 -> MPEG4 converter. I use FairUse Wizard (freeware if the output is <700MB), but many others swear by AutoGK.

I know FairUse will take account of multiple episodes on a DVD and batch-process them. Also with this application you can select a number of screen resolutions suitable for the playback device, and I have never had a problem with audio sync in the output file.

Clonedvd Mobile from also has free trial.

Thank you both for your help. And imkidd57, I will definitely do that from here on out.

Also, if I could ask you both and others another question. Does Nero have the capability (or are there other programs) that can take movie files (say .avi files), and simply crop them? I’m using Nero Record to crop and I’ve tried Nero Vision, but it doesn’t seem as easy as simply cutting up a movie and saving it. It seems to have to recode or re-substantiate the video each time, running through the entire contents of the cropped section. Any quick fix for me?

I have used autogk and it is really slow. Clonedvd mobile will do it directly from the drive to your hard drive in 1/4th the time, but if it is a episode dvd, you will have to do one episode at a time.

DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter both are good rippers with Shrink ripping in vts formatand DVD Decrypter in ISO platform.

If you really mean cropping (ie cutting off the beginning and end of a title), then it’s probably easier to do this before conversion to MPEG4.

I just realised that you could still use DVD Shrink for the first ripping process from disc -> HDD, and avoid the needless re-encoding if you set the ‘Target DVD size’ to ‘DVD-9’ in ‘Preferences’. Then you could switch to reauthor mode, drag the main title to the editing window and use the cropping facilities to lop off the start and end credits. Then save to ISO image.

Once saved, mount this ISO with FairUse and convert to MPEG4.