Ripping DVD for PS3 and Popcorn Hour C-200

Recently I purchased a PS3 for the Blu-Ray player primarily but found it can also pull movies from the net and play them. I also have a NAS on the way. Also have a second home theater I am considering getting a Popcorn Hour C-200 for.

That leads to the ripping. Most of my movies are on DVD still. Blu-Ray, HD, and standard DVD. I would like to copy them to the NAS for backup purposes. I have AnyDVD already but haven’t used it much. It is my understanding that I can use it on the PS3 and with the PCH if I leave things in the standard video_ts format. Wouldn’t I also be able to burn a backup DVD from the same set of files?

Am hoping I didn’t over or under explain this…just want to know the best (easiest) way to rip the DVDs to disk. I also want to have the chance to name them to an IMDB compatible format for grabbing the movie data.

Thanks so much!

Hmm, thought there would be lots of replies…

Since a native copy of a BR disk is huge, do most people convert the output to something else for play/storage? Can you still get back to a high quality DVD?

Just don’t know what the PS3 will want for file types vs. the PCH or whatever else I get for the second system.

Thanks again!