Ripping DVD audio without clipping




I have repeatedly tried to rip a concert DVD with DVD Decrypter by ripping the AC3 audio, and it always clips when I convert it into MP3. I’ve tried lowering the gain but it clips even after that, is there anything to fix this? I just got another concert DVD and would love to be able to play it in my car.

BTW the DVD I was ripping was Metallica Cunning Stunts



There’s lots of little programs out there for audio ripping. I use one called “DVD Audio Ripper” which has a setting for the audio levels of the rip, and will rip to MP3 or wave. Other programs, like video editors, will demux to elementary streams (to video and PCM) and you can use that.

Note that if you rip an AC3 5:1 stream to 2 channels, the rear channels get combined with the front and the balance can get weird. Best to stay with ripping the 2 channel streams.