Ripping Disney Protected DVDs

When ripping a protected DVD, why do we continue to have to put up with MacX DVD Video Converter Pro Pack for Mac ALWAYS opening a browser window and going to the how to rip a disney page? When the dialog window alerting me to a protected DVD pops up, I can either click “How to backup New Encrypted DVD” or “OK”, no matter which one I click I still am taken to the MacX how to web page… If I click “OK” there’s no reason I have go be continually taken to yer website, I already know to rip encrypted DVDs, I have been doing it for years now with yer software and DO NOT NEED instructions any longer… This is VERY annoying…

@SFBearBeef, the How-to page mainly aims to help users to rip their DVDs more smoothly with our software. Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience caused thereby.

Or if you have any other suggestion about our software, please let me know. Thanks.

Have a nice day!

I also sent you a few emails asking you to remove this ANNOYING feature… it shouldn’t be too difficult for your developers to do it! PLEASE ADD IT TO THE NEXT RELEASE, IT’S ANNOYING AS HELL!!!