Ripping chapters for 'mixed DVDs'



I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find any tutorials, I’ve heard of this place but never have posted here.

Basically what I’m trying to do is make Halloween DVDs and Christmas DVDs. The bulk of what I want to get off and put onto mixed DVDs comes from my collection of Disney Treasures. I have them all and want to pull a few cartoons off of a variety of them to make one DVD, 1:1 copies, no quality loss.

I know how to copy a DVD and burn a copy, that’s not what I want to do. I basically want a program that will make a perfect copy of one cartoon and make it into a file that I can burn on a DVD. But I don’t want to compress it to a divx file first. Does that make sense? I’ve posted this other places and they don’t understand.

If there is a howto or a post somewhere that explains how to do that could someone post a link?

What the software runs on isn’t really a problem, I use Linux, so I have a PC, and wine works great. If the program runs on apple I’ll get an apple, I just want a program that does this and does it well.

Oh, I was going to use ‘Q’ DVD-Author just to get the job done, but if I go apple I’d want a program to put the chapters in files that i-movie could read.

Thanx in advance,


You can build a compilation DVD using DVD Shrink in re-author mode. The result will be each selection being a separate ‘title’ but they will plat sequentially. You could change the title to chapters and make a menu for them but I’m not sure what to use for that. Put ‘DVD Shrink compilation’ in the search box for more info and links to guides.


But is there a program that will make all the chapters separate so I can make multiple mix DVD’s? That’s really what I’m looking for. I’d also like to make a cool looking menu for each DVD I make.


You could try Nero Vision which similar to dvd shrink.

You can also download Templates for Nero Vision to make menus