Ripping cds to .wav vs. burning them 1:1



This is most likely a bit of a dumb question, but whatever. I’m just wondering if ripping a cd to .wav (and then burning audio cd-r from that) possibly could produce any more quality loss than burning a cd ‘the regular way’ i.e. a 1:1 copy with a program such as Nero. I would assume that most likely ripping to .wav produces the same result, and in the case of using a secure ripper even possibly better results as far as eliminating the risk for clicks & pops, but I just want to make sure as I’ve noticed that burning 1:1 can preserve all aspects of a cd including enhanced cd shit so it makes me wonder if ripping to .wav preserves everything


You’re on the right track. Ripping to .wav files is an exact copy of what is on the CD. Using a program like Exact Audio Copy in conjunction with the datafiles from will give you not only exact copies but will allow you to give them song names as filenames on your harddrive. Burning a set of .wavs back to CD with Nero will give you a disc that is basically an exact copy.

Having said that, if you have CD text, extra features (like on Blind Melon’s Nico CD), etc. you want to use the 1:1 copy feature. Burn Away, smoka!



Concerning only CD Text, then 1:1 copy is not necessary if the drive supports reading and writing CD Text. It is only needed to check the entries in EAC.



Right on, thanks to both of you for the info