Ripping CDs to 2nd hard drive very slow

I’m having issues with speed when ripping to a 2nd hard drive. If I rip the cds to my main/system drive C: a 60 minute cd takes about 4 minutes to rip. When I try ripping the same cd to my secondary/storage drive it takes nearly 10 minutes to finish. I’ve been reading and searching for information on this for a few hours now and I can’t seem to find a solid answer… Any help would be much appreciated.

The configuration of my drives is as follows: (as far as i remember)
Primary IDE
Master: 40gb maxtor
Slave: 160gb seagate*
Secondary IDE
Master: Lite-On cd/rw
Slave: LG GSA H55N*

  • these are the problem areas. ripping from the slave LG drive to my system drive is fine… its just the speed when ripping to the slave/seagate drive.

Do you have the same problem when using the Lite-On drive?

Check the “Transfer Mode” of the Seagate.

The Lite-On drive seems to be working pretty well for the first 3-4 cds when I rip to the Seagate drive. It’s averaging 3-5 minutes per disc. After that it starts slowing down just like the LG drive.

The transfer mode for the Seagate drive is Ultra DMA mode 4. UDMA mode is also enabled on the rest of my drives.