Ripping .cda (dts) files?

Another newbie question. I have a CD - the files are all .cda and are dts encoded. I’ve managed to extract them to .wav files and I can play them on Winamp. However, I can’t get them to work on my ipod (with rockbox firmware). I have the original CD, which I can only play on VLC. Is there a good way to rip the original CD or convert the .wav files to play on my ipod? I’m aiming to preserve as much of the original sound quality as possible (I’ve already tried using Xilisoft, converting the .wav to .flac, but all I get is static). Thanks!!

Have you tried VLC? Take a look at the convert/save options, there are a few different audio codecs to choose from.

Yeah, I can’t seem to make VLC convert the files. And when I do manage to make them into .wav files, it just plays as static. Any further ideas?

Did you try the FLAC frontend (the official FLAC compression tool) to compress the ripped WAV in FLAC?

Alternatively you can try Foobar2000 (also free)

You can give Super a try:


Format Factory:

I’ve tried all those programs. Each time, I end up with a file that only plays static.

Now when I rip the file to an uncompressed wave, it plays on Winamp with an Audio DTS decoder. Is the problem that the .wav files are DTS encoded, and if so, is there a way to downgrade it to simple 2-channel?

In your first post you say you have the wav files and you can play them using Winamp. Have you tried converting those wav files to another format compatible with your ipod?

The problem is that I can only convert them to lossy formats. I’m wondering if there’s a way to preserve the quality of the original? When I encode into flac, all I get is static. The original is 5.1 dts, 6 channel. I’ve tried even using foobar’s converting, using the “convert 5.1 to stereo” dps, but still all I get is static. Sad day, perhaps I’ll just have to listen to it in lossy format… :frowning:

I’ve never tried working with DTS before, but from what I understand, you have to demux into 6 mono channels, but I don’t know where you go from there.

I’m confused. I thought .cda files were from Red book audio discs. If this is true, then Red book audio is 2 channel stereo. Not sure why you think they are 5.1 DTS 6 channel. This is new to me.


@ OP, you say that you have the 6-ch(5.1) uncompressed wav right?..
Convert to 2 ch. stereo with dBpoweramp…I have several audio apps and conversion tools, and dBpoweramp was the only one that worked (for me) converting a 5.1 ch. wav to 2ch stereo wav…Try it…

Thanks for all your help! I finally got it converted to 2ch stereo wave using DVD Audio Ripper. And thanks for the lead on dBPoweramp - the software is great!