Ripping CD Files To MP3 from Hard Drive

How can you rip cd files copied to hard drive. IE Rip them to mp3’s. These are files I copied to hard drive and now want to rip to MP#s

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What format are files on HDD? Are these already mp3? What software did you use to rip these files? Can’t you simply rip again from original discs? it is certainly the easiest solution :slight_smile:

The files are in CDA format. I seem to have problems RIPPING with Windows media Player. Perfectly good file come back skipping. Thought I could by pass this by copying to HD then ripping. Any Ideas would be great.

Try this. Open all files with the Foobar2000. Then select files on the main window, right click on files, and then select “Convert to…”

Foobar2000 is a free software :slight_smile:

“ripping” is the act of extracting the audio data from the CD to a computer.

If on a HDD it by definition cannof be “CDA” format, but is similar…
It’s usually refered to as WAV or PCM format.

If the music is already on your HDD you don’t need to “rip” that’s already done, what you need to do is create compressed files.

That can be done with many more software packages than I’d personally care to name.

My personal preference is to use a program called "Switch Sound"
and though it’s commercial software ($29) there is a downloadable trial version that works with full features for ~10 days then defaults to a “limited” free edition after that time.

I like free… and basically don’t miss the things it won’t do.

Creating mp3 files is only part of the battle, you’ll also be well served by creating/editing the id3tags.

For that I personally use a progam called “TagScanner” (free downloadable) which works better than ANYTHING I’ve ever seen.