Ripping causes windows to freeze

When I rip from a CD to the hard drive my system freezes. It has occured with audiograbber and Itunes. There are no error message and nothing in the event viewer. I have used two different CDROM drives with the same problem. Has anyone see this before?

I am running Windows XP Home with AMD Athlon Processor and 1 gig of ram. MY system does not freeze when doing anything else.


My system used to do the same thing. I did all of the following, so I’m not sure exactly which one fixed it, but it did get fixed.
Uninstall Sonic DLA
Uninstall INCD
Updated motherboard/chipset drivers.
Updated Bios.

Problem gone.

I made sure that I was as up to date as possible. I changed some settings on the sync process and rip to ram before encoding. It has made things a little more stable but not fixed it. I can coppy a couple cds before it freezes now. thanks.

Also, if you have roxio and nero both installed, this has caused conflicts for some people.

Just something to look at…is your CPU usage at 100% whilst ripping? If so, it might be getting a little toasty.

My system used to freeze when ripping (with CDex), and also whilst ripping with DVDShrink.

Saw that my CPU was at 100% when using both, so I checked the temps in the BIOS…turned out, that was the problem.

I opened up my PC, cleaned out all the dust-bunnies, and the temps dropped by 10 degrees C.

While the CPU usage is still as high when ripping, since dusting out my PC, it no longer freezes.

Just something to try, since it helped for me! :slight_smile:

I thought that might be a problem too. I have been monitoring the temp while I am running and it freezes between 50 and 65 c which is well below what Athlon should be capable of running at. I am still not convinced that that is not the problem though.

How many programs do you have in your start up? You really only need Your firewall, antispy, antiad,and antivirus programs in startup. Nothing else.
Do you do a defrag before ripping or burning? :wink:
Sometimes we forget the basics.:wink:

You should also run prime 95 test to make should that your system is still stable. Torture tests not benchmark or both as this will give you a good sign if you are getting processor or RAM errors from heat. When overclocking I have had systems pass the benchmark but fail the torture tests because of heat build up over time. Better to find problems now than to have to replace components later on. Even though you no longer get freezes there could still be problems and the errors can be picked up using prime 95 (its free but you can use any testing package you like). Easier to replace a processor now than a cpu etc later.

Sorry for any spelling mistakes etc made.

I had the same issue undtil coming along this thread and getting some ideas.

I went after the Sonic Products first but it was not them.

It was Roxio!!! Media Creator 8 to be more specific

Damn that company, this is not the first time they broke somrthing in windows. Wasn’t it CD Creator 5 that did this a while back too???
They are just as bad as McAfee for breaking OS’

I’ll stick to Nero and Ulead from now on. F Roxio

EZ Coaster Creator has been f-ing up machines since version 4. Adaptec briefly flirted with the idea of fixing all the bugs that had been introduced by version 4, but quickly fobbed off version 5 to Roxio.

Roxio has NEVER released a bug-free, or even “not-system-destroying”, version of this software. Not once. They’ve had the license to it for… 4 years now, and in that time they’ve released versions 5, 6, 7, and 8. Not a single one of them has been free from numerous complaints of “completely f-ing up my entire system” from people on the 'net.

Hmmm: I had an oem of 6.0 and that was full of bugs. I bought 7.0 full and it and nero and the system have been playing well ever after. I do question some of these other programs out there as being the problem but who knows :confused:

You could uninstall some of your applications like iTunes, burning/ripping software, Norton Anti-Virus, McAfee, etc one at a time to isolate the offending program. You’ll need to test the ripping after each program has been uninstalled. If you have an OEM installation where the programs come pre-loaded on your computer, try uninstalling programs one by one that you have installed after you got the system.

One other thing might be your cpu fan has slowed down because of wear and dust getting into the bearings and/or your cpu heatsink could be covered in dust making it less efficient at dissipating heat. Your system might just need a good clean out with a can of compressed air. So many things that this could be, it’s a case of detective work I’m afraid to say.

It was software, not hardware on my end. It sounds like athe exact same software issue was the initial problem from the first thread as well.

Point being --> Roxio 8 was the offending program. I had all the latest updates installed as well. Since my last post I was able to replicate the exact same behavior on a completely different base system. That software is just one big bug. Not to mention that the GUI is much less intuitive than 7.5 and the Video Editor would crash for no apparent reason as well.

The minute Roxio 8 as installed, no ripping software would work correctly beit Audiograbber, Winamp Pro, Sonic RecordNow native and Nero. System woudl completely freeze. You could not end the task in TM or kill it using resourse kit utils. Took all 100%CPU anytime a CD was inserted and did a lookup