Ripping Cactus data shield

Anyone know how to rip CDS with either EAC or feurio (trial version). Or Feurio registered, but I’d hate to pay money if there’s another way.

Please Help!

Have you tried our search function?

Hope this helps.

No, not really. The CD in question was protected with CAP, emulating CDS.

BTW, I cant get Clone to read past the leadout entry in the TOC (2 minutes). Also, when looking at the track in both EAC, CloneCD, and Feurio, It sees two tracks (which the real cd has), but the first track shows a length of zero, and the second track shws a length of 1:58, where the TOC was modified to say the lead out was. Also, the second track shows up as a data track, so none of the rippers i have tried (Feurio, EAC) are not even attempting to rip it.

sorry, can’t help you further myself.

My knowledge on this subject is restricted to what I can find by using the search :wink:

You can test it yourself. If you can’t find the program, email me, and I can hook you up.

I buy my CDs original (spent close to €500 this year already), but that is a discussion I will spare you from :wink:

When there is no solution at this time, there will be soon I am sure. So far I have not yet seen any protection that held up.

Hope someone else can help out here

I haven’t tryed it yet, but as soon as my exams at school are over, I’ll give it a try.
Here’s my “idea”: I still have a seperate CD-audio/CD-Rom player (a VERY old Chinon CD-player; one of the first CD-ROM’s). It plays only at 1x, but it has a SCSI-interface and can read cd’s digitally. So my theory is: those cactus cd’s can be played in normal cd-players, so it will play in the Chinon as well without making trouble about the protection. I just have to hook it up to a SCSI-card and rip the cd to HD (maybe with the cdfs.vxd-file).

It’s only an idea and I hope it’ll work. I’ll let you all know if it does.

Meanwhile, I advise you to try with other (older) cd-roms. You never know…