Ripping & Burning Programs

Will DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter and DVD Fab Decrypter Rip good and then Burn to a Dual Layerd Disc?


ImgBurn is a very good-Free- program. It’s the only program that I use on my DL backups.

Dvd decrypter’s ISO read and ISO write mode will also work. Both dvd decrypter and imgburn are very similar.Both programs written by LightningUK. ImgBurn is a more improved version of dvd decrypter.

Is that the link to download it? Which one?

If the dvd doesn’t have one of the more advanced protection schemes, you can use DVDDecrypter in ISO Read mode. You’ll get an ISO and a little mds file that will contain the layer break information. Load the mds file into ImgBurn and burn to your dual layer dvd. Lets hope you only bought Verbatim DL media made in Singapore.

If you run into a dvd that DVDDecrypter can’t handle, use DVDFab HD Decrypter to make the ISO. Load it into ImgBurn and let that program set the layer break.

Either method works. Saugmon’s link is for Imgburn. Look in the ImgBurn forum and you’ll find some guides on using the program.