Ripping/Burning DVD setup?

Ok everyone, I have been reading thread after thread after thread on Shrink, AnyDVD, Decrypter e.t.c and I may be more confused now more than ever so I would appreciate if anyone can tell me which is the best combination of softwares that will be the fastest/easiest way to rip and burn DVD’s without any problems? Is it still DVDShrink and Decrypter or is there a better combination or option?

Here is a good guideline for ya.

If you are going to burn to single dvd’s (DVD-5), where you have to edit movies to make them fit on the disk, then I would suggest using DVD Shrink + Nero, Nero Recode or CloneDvD

If you are going to burn to dual layer dvd’s (DVD-9), where you are doing a one to one copy, then I would suggest DvD Decrypter or DeFab Decrypter.

If your movies are small enough to fit on a single layer doing a one to one copy then move to the dual layer options for burning. I would also suggest having AnyDVD on hand as well to help with the copy protection removal.

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Dvdfabdecrypter and the AnyDVD/CloneDVD combination

What ever works for you is the best combination. personally I use ANYDVD with 1-Click

Anyone know of this Shrinking/ripping software?

The one thing I am sceptical about with DVDShrink and other “free” softwares and even some of those that you pay for like AnyDVD is that people tend to have some problem or the other with those softwares, if I can get a software which will not have any hiccups then I wouldn’t mind paying for it and this one “claims” not to have any problems, is effective and with no quality loss? Taken from their site:

Easy DVD Shrink is an easy-to-use DVD copying software to get perfect duplicates of your favorite movies on DVD or Hard Drive with just a few clicks.
The shrinking engine can fit any DVD video (up to 9.4GB) on to your DVD disc (4.7GB/Single Layer or 8.5GB/Dual Layer) with no loss of content or quality. It preserves all existing DVD contents including original menus, trailers, language tracks, subtitles, and etc. You can freely adjust the target sizes of your DVD backup. We proudly offer an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee!

“This is an easy to use product!”
It’s by far the best for making backups of your precious and expensive DVD’s.


I do not see anywhere in the Easy DVD Shrink - where it overcomes the encryption - so I would be cautious-


I had written to them this morning on this very topic, when I receive a reply from them, I will post here.

Try SMART-RIPPER, from GORDIONKNOT and CLONE-DVD for writting the DVD.

Decryption programs are illegal, as they are breaching copyright. Same applies to copies. Although technically you can make a BACK-UP for DATA-PROTECTION purposes