Ripping Bluray with BD-Live



Hry guys am new the forum and am also new to backing up blurays i was wondering if it would possible if could backup a bluray while retaining the BD-Live functionailty of the main disc, the disc that am using is of from Region B which is European and since am form the UK thats ok.

Right i have manged to rip a blu ray disc with have disabled the BD-live but i want to keep it, the software that am using is AnyDVD HD and the software player that i use to test it on is PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D, the problem here is that the BD-Live functionaitly works prefectly when ran on PowerDVD 10 but when i burn it on to a BD-RE disc and play it on the PS3 it loads the disc but then reports and error message saying Invalid Disc.

I also would think that even though am using a region b ps3 and blu-ray movie which also has region b attributes i wouldn’t think that copy protection would be a problem.

Any Suggestions on this problem.