Ripping beatmatched cd's?

Is there any way to rip beatmatched cd’s [continuos mixed music without any spaces between songs] to the hard drive without splitting up the songs so that when you play back the songs in a software like Windows Media Player, the songs will play just like the original cd without having spaces between them?

The only way I know how to do this is to record the cd from a line-in as just 1 file, anothe rproblem is that I have to use a separate cd player to connect to the line-in for this purposes, I would like to rip straight from the pc’s cd rom, any ideas?

Use Audacity (which is free)

and get all your songs and open them up in project. Ok let me show you.

Step 1
Open Audacity

Step 2
Open song

Step 3
Hush it is importing!

Step 4
Song is opened

Step 5
Import Song

Step 6
Select Another Song

Step 7
Hush angain, it is importing!

Step 8
Select 2 Song Opened

Step 9
Copy Song

Step 10
Paste Song were you want (Right after first song)

Step 11
Close Second Song

Step 12
File>Export as MP3 You need to Lame.exe first

Step 13
It is exporting as MP3 after that go listen.

Now that is a tutorial, thank you very much! There is also this one which is free, I will look into both options.