Ripping background music

Is there a way i can rip background music from my dvd’s? I know how to rip audio from a dvd but i want to seperate the music from dialog and sound effects.

Here’s a good one. Just download it and it will extract the media from your DVDs for you.

That will only rip the audio track.

Depends on the DVD, if it only has a 2 channel audio track then that’s what you rip (just a like a CD). Some DVDs have isolated music tracks that you can do but DVDs are not a 128 track stuidio…it’s fully mixed audio there’s no way to un-mix it.

Most movies have audio soundtracks anyway, just look for them and you’ll find them :wink:

^ thanks for the heads up, I guess i will have to buy the soundtracks the only thing is i am trying to rip the background music from animes and most anime sound tracks are only avliable on import which makes them really expensive. oh well