Ripping Backed up DVDs with DVDFab Express

Can anyone confirm whether if you rip a DVDR with DVDfab Express to your hard drive that it doesn’t make a botch of the file references when you burn with say Nero Burning ROM afterwards?

I’ve had a problem where I’ve been recovering from some iffy backups and have been using DVDfab Express to strip the files to the hard drive. OK so it’s not essential since it could be done with Windows Explorer or a straight DVD Copy process in Nero. However I’ve found that with every disc Nero warns you about files not present that have been referenced. I’ve also notice that if you attempt processing afterwards with DVDShrink or DVD2One, Shrink won’t even analyse the files on the hard drive reckoning a VOB numbered 1 greater than the final file is missing or in the case of DVD2One it’ll perform some processing then stop suggesting that not all the files are present.

This suggests to me that DVDfab Express is modifying perfectly good backups in terms of their file structure and making them close to unusable after the stripping process. I will (subject to time) investigate this further, but I can add that I’ve also experienced this with three dual layer backups, so one2one backups of the original discs. After stripping to the HDD with fab Express (latest version in all cases) the files cannot be processed in anyway, other than being burnt to a new disc. And certainly some burning software, such as RecordNOW! won’t actually allow writing unless all the “i”,s are dotted and “t”'s crossed so to speak.

So would I be correct in saying that DVDfab Express should never be used as a tool for dumping files from DVDr (i.e. discs that are already backups) to the hard drive?

Just a quick note, I have now eliminated DVDfab Express as being the cause of this problem. Which throws suspicion at DVDShrink or the version of Nero, prior to

Hi GristyMcFisty,

Could you please try DVDFab 3 Beta to see the result:

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