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I want to rip the audio from a bought music video and then create a file which can be burnt onto a cd. Can some kind tecky give me a brief sequence of the process and software requirements? and might the video have some kind of protection that would prevent me from doing this? btw I’m running vista - thanks very much


Hi :slight_smile:
Check EAC (exact audio copy)

  • Burrn.
    Both free.
    Just google. :wink:


If I may suggest an easier alternative, I would try [B]Format Factory[/B] (there are also several others that work as well)

  1. Insert the DVD
  2. Start Format Factory
  3. Select on the left side “Audio”
  4. Select “All to WAV”
  5. Set up the location of the output folder under “Browse”
  6. Select “Add File”
  7. Open the VOB file you want the audio from, and click “OK”
  8. Cleck the green arrow for “GO”

The audio will then be ripped to the output folder you selected.
You may wish to edit this output as it will be one track…a good editor is [B]Audacity[/B]. Or if you want it as an MP3 there are several suitable convertors. [B]Burrrn[/B] is great for burning to CD.

As for copy protection…I know ripping the audio works in some cases without problems, but maybe some won´t work. You´ll have to try yours and see what happens. If it doesn´t work then try [B]AnyDvd[/B] (click for a free trial) which can deal with 99.9% of protections.


I don’t think EAC will rip Audio from a DVD.(I am assuming the music video is on a DVD.
deanimator’s way should work.I’m just going to add a few things.
If there is copy protection on the DVD then you will need AnyDVD.There is a trial version so you won’t have to buy it this time if you haven’t already used the trial version.
Now it depends on how the video has been done.If it is just one song then no problem as it probably only has one .vob . If it has several songs & each has it’s own .vob even better.
You can play the individual .vobs on VLC player to see which ones you want.
If you have several .vobs & some have the songs split then it would be best to use a software that can join all the .vobs into one large .vob & work with that.
Or you can use DVDShrink’s Re­author then Set Start/End Frames.
Edit out each video you want .You need to do this one song at a time.
Then run the .vob from each clip through Format Factory to produce a .wav file.
From personal experence an older software BeSweet creates a better sounding .wav than Format Factory’s from this type conversion but takes a lot more work to set it up.
For doing the burn to CD I use ImgBurn but Burrrn also is OK for this.


Using this method has always worked for me…Just substitute with Audacity instead of GW, if you prefer freeware…

You can import the AC3 files or VOBs directly in latest version(s) of audacity, edit and save to wav or mp3 if you like …


@ t0nee1 ,I have an older version of Gold Wave Editor Pro I got from GAOTD so it can’t be updated (for free anyway).It doesn’t have the option in the links tutorial.
For “Cue Points” .
So I looked in Audacity.My copy was almost the latest but I updated to the latest Audacity ® 1.3.11-beta (Unicode) & also added the "FFmpeg_2009_07_20_for_Audacity_on_Windows " . To handle the .ac3 file.
I could not find the equivalent to “Cue Points” in Audacity.
Could you give me this for Audacity ?


Audacity does not export CUE sheets…Yeah that’s a rather old(er) guide…
You can split the tracks and create a CUE sheet with Imgburn if [I]you[/I] like…


Thank you folks for your help and suggestions. I recently purchased Imtoo’s DVD Ripper Standard 6 for about 30 bucks. I’m pretty poor with anything technical but within an hour I’d done the deed and had an audio file, so I’d have to give it the thumbs up.