Ripping audio from an AVI file

Hello all,

1st post and very new to mp3’s AVI and all the rest to which i will sift through eventually.

The question i have is the i want to ripp the audio from a avi file, the file itself is of a music gig, so no chapters, just the gig with of course sound.

I would like to be able to rip this and then burn it to a cd then play it on my stereo or card cd. Can this be done? :rolleyes: Is it easy to do?

Thx 4 a reply


It’s easy, get Virtualdub

Install and launch it,
Load your movie: “file” -> “Open video file” ,
Then just select “Save as WAV” and select a directory

Use LAMEncoder to convert .wav to mp3.

Many Thx Ill give it go. :slight_smile: