Ripping Audio From a DVD

Hey I have some dvds that I just want the sound from to put on the Ipod.
The only software I have right now is Nero 8. My first time using it
any ideas?

I don’t use Ner0,but there’s several ways to do this…You could use DVDDecrypter in IFO mode to extract the AC3 audio…or Rip to HDD then use proggy like Super to convert to ipod…or DVDFab Platinum to do it all…lots of options out there…;15

I dont think it can be done with Nero, at least up till Nero6 that i have used. Maybe the -almost 1gb- Nero8 has something in there up to the task.

What you ask is do-able with other software though. Some guides

This program does the job nicely (converts directly to WAV or MP3 too):

AoA DVD Ripper

I found it the fastest and less complicated way to rip audio from DVD-Video discs. :slight_smile:

Nero Wave Editor is included with Nero 8. You can use Wave Editor to capture the audio track of the DVD. The audio input line will need to be set to capture the sound. My source setting is “What U Hear”. If you use Wave Editor, make sure you have turned off any other possible sources of sound (e.g. incoming mail notifier) as these will be recorded as well as the DVD signal.

They have a dedicated DVD>Ipod feature that I didn’t know of, here’s the guide on how to rip audio to Ipod with this app :slight_smile: understood that what you want is only audio, but I found the additional feature interesting).

DVD Decrypter works too. Use IFO mode, pick the stream and Bob’s your uncle…

here is a tutorial using dvdfab planinum. link

If you want to have more control on the sound tack check “Gold Wave”, it allows you to convert AC3 to 2 channels stereo WAV and edit the track before burning it with a burning package.
To use it you’re supposed to have the source with no copy protection.