Ripping audio from a DVD

Hi, all. I bought a concert film recently and there is no commercially available soundtrack. I’d like to rip the audio portion from the show so I can burn it on a CD and listen to it in my car or a CD player in the house. Is there any way of doing this? What program would I use?

dvd2svcd has some tools for that

or the dummy approach, just record it as mp3 with musicmatch,

There’s a great guide over in the Audio section of the forum on doing this.

Hmmm…sorry to say this but I can’t seem to find it. Any chance you could paste up the link? I’d really appreciate that.

VirtualDub Mpeg2 is the way to go.Works perfect everytime.Very simple…:slight_smile:

Thanks very much, guys.

Okay, just need one more thing here, guys. I’ve followed each step in the guide using the DVD Decrypter method. Everything’s gone perfectly until I get down to the part where I have to add the ripped files to the compilation in Nero.

I’ve selected “add files” and I’m putting them in, but then Nero tells me it’s not a supported format. This is weird. I’ve downloaded the AC3 plugin and installed it. I know I picked the right files to rip from the menu in Decrypter because I’m listening to them on my computer. They sound great! Now I just want to burn them. Any idea what’s wrong? How can I get Nero to support these AC3 files if the plugin doesn’t work?

DVD Audio Extractor from is simply the best and easiest tool. It will extract the soundtrack to mp3, wav or music cd format for burning direct to cd using Media Player. Highly recommended.

That looks like it worked perfectly. Thanks!!!

I am trying to use the guide hosted on cdfreaks at and I am wondering what I’m doing wrong at the dvd decryptor step. I am getting vob files, not ac3 files out of decryptor. I selected demux, just the audio stream, set the IFO options like the guide suggested. I would rather get this method working if possible so I can stick with the software I already have on my system.

Step 3 seems to give people a lot of problems. You need to click on the audio track, then select Demux! By default, its pointed to video, which you aren’t ripping anyway, so demuxing that doesn’t do anything.