Ripping Audio Cds

I’ve been using Easy CD Creator for a while to rip audio Cds into MP3s, but I’ve also installed Nero / CloneCd to enable me to get round SD2 security. Because of this I keep getting comaptibility issues between EasyCD & Nero.

I prefer Nero 'cos of the image burning etc, but I can’t seem to find an MP3 ripper in there - is there one ? If not, whats the best Audio CD ripper around ?


EAC (exact audio copy) or Feurio

Nero Burning Rom does have a built-in audio ripper. You can access it via Recorder, Save Track (an audio CD has to be inserted in the drive of course). The audio ripper can encode to MP3 or even MP3pro if you buy special plug-ins (I believe you can try the MP3pro plugin 30 times before you have to buy it). More information on MP3pro can be found here.

I’ve downloaded & installed EAC.

It takes a whilile to rip a CD at 402kps, but quality takes time.

I’ve found the tracks now have a running time of 1min something instead of the 4 or mins they should be…

They fade out ok and not just cut off mid track, but it seems strange. Each mp3 is about 4 to 5Mb ripped at 402kps.

Is this right or am I missing somethng ?


when i rip with EAC, it rips the file to wav first, and then encodes it. im not sure exactly what it is you are talking about happening, as i’ve also never heard of a 402kbps encoder. have you followed the Tutorials on the EAC page? are you using the LAME 3.92 encoder (like most of the rest of the people here). throw us some insight into how you are doing it :wink:

Yup - read through the docs etc…

Its not ripping at 402kps, but 128kps - doh - apologies for that.

It appears that just the timings are out on when playing back using Media Player.

When playing the MP3 back via Media Player, the track running time shows as 1min 40sec, but it actually runs for 3min 51sec.


Try Feurio configured with lame_enc.dll (MP3 Parameters menu).
It’s better than Nero, smaller and doesn’t conflict with anything because it installs no driver.

You can see the drivers installed easily with Feurio CD-Writer -> Extras -> System Diagnostic.
I always disable Nero driver (it’s for auto insertion issues) and have no problem to write with it. (The same for ECDC4 when I used it).