Ripping audio CDs from external drive

I have a Samsung internal DVD burner which I use on my notebook with one of these adapters.
I can burn on it just fine, but any audio ripper I’ve tried (including CDex, EAC and AudioGrabber) doesn’t see it. They’ll rip just fine from the (ssslllooowww) drive in my notebook, but I’ve no idea how to get them to see the (fast) external one.
Any ideas?


you have ASPI drivers installed? This would be the problem, as software that is configured to use ASPI drivers often do not see external drives.
Reconfigure your software to use Windows’ internal interface (SPTI), or get rid of ASPI drivers as they are not needed at all on modern Windows versions (from W2k and newer).


How exactly do I reconfigure my software?

It depends. Please check the options available in your software.

For EAC, “EAC options”–>Interface.

For CDEX, see the last pic here:
"Use native NT SCSI library" has to be checked.

You might also try Nero’s wnaspi.dll, that has to be copied into the program directory then.