Ripping audio cd to hard drive

I’m not new to ripping audio just bought a new HP media center PC (model m7360n) and I’m having trouble with a popping or skipping in the audio after it’s been ripped to the hard drive. I was originally ripping with WMP10 and then I tried Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5. I’ve been ripping to mp3 format and have tried other formats and turning off everything running in the background with no luck. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

Try ripping with CDex or Exact Audio Copy, and see how you get on. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming that if you burned the ripped tracks to an Audio CD or MP3 CD & played them on a standalone player that you’d hear the same problems.

Does this occur with tracks you’ve previously ripped?

If the problem still exists are trying Arachne’s suggestion - both free btw & very good at what they do - then it might be a play back issue on your new PC.

Thanks for the suggestions on CDex & Exact Audio Copy. Tried to find them on the net and keep coming up with dead links. Anyways I emailed HP about my problem and the suggested updating the audio drivers. They provided me with a link to the driver so I’ll download it and try it later tonight. In the mean time, last night I had gotten enough and on a suggestion from my IT person at work. I took the CD burner out of my old pc a Lite-On CD-R burner and installed it in my new machine. I then tried ripping a cd and it worked! No popping/skipping on the Lite-On. Possibly it may be the HP840b burner (combo burner cd/dvd) that may be the problem.

EAC homepage (er… first link found [google=exact audio copy]searching with google[/google] :confused: )

Hope this helps, :slight_smile:


Try with Nero’s Audio extracting tool. Or try to rip the CD at lower speeds.

It had to be a LiteOn that worked :bigsmile: (most LiteOns are very good readers, possibly that could be the reason?)…try those 2 programs with the HP, if they don’t work with that, but do with the Litey, then you’re right, I’d guess. :wink: