Ripping Audio CD Collection




So… I will try to explain what I want to do:

In brief…
What I have: about 500 VA audio cd’s (burnt from mp3s).
What I wanna do: Rip them back to mp3 and store in HDD.

I want to insert the cd in the drive, then manually type each track’s artist and song name, BUT I wanna type these in different fields (unlike EAC that it will only let you rename “Track 1” to the whole song name). I also want it to create the mp3 tags automatically from the info I typed in the fields.

Although most of my cds contail vinyl rips, I want to keep the quality standards as high as possible.

  1. What is is the best software to do this? (free or paid)

(and somethin hardware related)
2. What is the most reliable storing unit? What is the safest thing I can do so I never lose that data? I was thinkin of keeping it on 2 different HDD. Is there any better idea?

I really want to know your opinions!


I suggest having a look at J.River Media Jukebox (free) and J.River Media Center ($40).

I use an older version of the J.River Media Center myself (haven’t bothered upgrading yet).

Having redundant copies on two different harddrives sounds like a good plan, provided those are not both internal harddrives in the same computer.

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  1. You may try to use [U]our piece of spamvertized product [/U](~20$)[/quote]
    … und Tschüss. :cop:


thanks ppl… ill give 'em a try :slight_smile: