Ripping and DVD speed

Hi all.
I-ve got a Lite-on 163 dvd player, when i try to rip a dvd it runs @ 3/4X instead of 12/16x ???
Which is the problem? is this a problem?



i don’t know the exact specs of the drive, but if u’re trying to rip dual layer dvds, u won’t reach top speed.

Dvd player JLMS XJ-HD163. I tryied only with single layer dvd.
I try to rip 8mile with max rip speed was 4x. i`ve got a nforce2 mainboard second ide chan with Plextor 708a as master and jlms as slave.


You’ll never get a DVD to rip at 14/16x. Are you sure 8 Mile is DVD-5? It’s DVD-9 in Oz and I can get 6-8x on a dual layer from my 163D (only 4x on a Toshi). What is telling the ri speed?