Ripping and copying commercial 2010 movies?

Hello…new to the forum…I have a probem ripping,and copying newer dvds…2009,2010 as an example…
I have used Dvd Shrink in the past for all my other commercial

dvds and had no problem whatsoever…But I went to try and
Copy The movie"Precious" and tried using Dvd shrink,

but it always gets stuck at 8%,and freezes at that point…I’ve tried to rip and burn older commercial dvds…with the same

dvd shrink that was installed on my P.C…and had no problem.

Is there a new program out that can crack the new macrovision…or whatever it is that they use that I can download and use?

Any help greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

DVDFab is very popular as is AnyDvd. AnyDVD runs in the background so you will still need a ripping program like Shrink. DvdFab will decrypt and rip, no other program needed. Both offer a free trial period and both handle the newer encryptions.

@Whappo , AnyDvd now rips to both .iso & " Rip Video DVD to Harddisk…" Which is DVD file mode. It doesn’t compress so it is the full DL or DVD9 size. It does remove the copy protection so DVDShrink will have no problem compressing to a single layer size.
If DVDFab goes to the free version after the trial it rips to full size also.
Since it is the only free decrypter it is a good choice for someone wanting to do it all with “freeware”.
On that note the update is about 60 days on the free version so a person has to wait for it to do the latest movies.Still what do people expect for free.
DVDFab free also doesn’t burn nor does AnyDVD.

Thanks,Whappo! I downloaded Dvd Fab…and the dvd came out perfect…plays in my Dvd recorder/player perfectly…:bigsmile:

You were 100% right about the Dvd fab…it encodes,rips,and records on to a disk by itself…doesn’t need nero,like Dvd shrink does…

Maybe after the trial is over I’ll have to purchase a key seeing as how the
program worked so well. By the way,this dvd Fab seems to do the

work in a little less time than dvd shrink,anyways!

Thanks once again for your quick response and excellent suggestions :slight_smile:

Is DVDFab HD Decrypter is still free? I like it but use version 5 still

[QUOTE=SubZero;2501577]Is DVDFab HD Decrypter is still free? I like it but use version 5 still[/QUOTE] :iagree: yes it is, when you d/l dvdfab it will give you a full working program for 30 days and if you don’t buy it then only the free hd decrypter will work, stick to version until they get beta squared away

I tried to backup South Park Season Thirteen that I [B][U]bought last week[/U][/B].

I have always been able to backup with DVD Decrypter & DVD Shrink–sometimes having to use FixVTS for some DVDs that have dummy sectors.

When I backed up disc 1 & 2, always backup to hard drive, one disc was 38GB and the other disc was 42GB. I would not have believed it, but seeing is believing. I tried RipIt4Me(which includes Fix VTS), but still HUGE results.

I installed a trial version of AnyDVD & CloneDVD, and was able to backup my entire boxset–no errors.

I’ve noticed when researching the HUGE ripped file results, there’s some other DVD’s with similar problems–
Princess & the Frog
Space Buddies

I might be buying AnyDVD & CloneDVD if this protection system keeps showing up.