Ripping and Burning is sooo slow

I have a px-760a and a px-716a and both have worked very well. While backing up a dvd, it took forever to read and over 100 minutes to burn. I updated the firmware but that made no difference. I looked in device manager and both drives were running pio. I changed to udma if possible and now they are set at multi-word dma2 which I understand is half the speed of udma2. I keep reading that people say you should have the highest dma possible but optical drives are only capable of 33 aren’t they?

Anyhow, I have also read that I can delete the secondary channel under Ide Ata/Atapi Controllers and let windows reinstall…does that sound logical? The only thing I can think of is that I installed new memory in my computer (512 to 1gb) about a month ago and MS made me reactivate xp. I don’t burn too often but do when I get a new movie/music vidio so I am not sure exactly when this might have happened.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Try the delete and reinstall option first. This can be a nasty problem so look at the sticky in the optical drive forum for all the options.

Thanks chas0039. I’ll post a response as to how that works out. I’m at work and this is my home computer so not til tonight. Thanks for your response.