Ripping and Burning DVDs



Would appreciate it if someone could advise on creating copies of DVDs from commercial DVDs. I am a complete novice so please treat me like a ‘dummy’. I would prefer to use free software if possible.


go to slysoft and dowload cclonedvd2 and anydvd trial and use them.
if you like them buy them I use them all the time


Hi Kippycat and welcome to the forums. :flower:

The forum you originally posted is for AnyDVD which isn’t free so I’ve moved the thread for you into the main Movie Copy Software forum to enable discussion of other software.

As you’re looking for free software then I’d recommend ripping the disc using DVDFab.

If it’s a single layer disc then you can burn straight to a normal blank DVD using ImgBurn.

If it’s dual layer you can then either burn to a dual layer disc or compress with DVDShrink to fit a single layer blank DVD.

All the software mentioned is free and if you’ve any further queries please ask.



I have to agree with Wombler :iagree:

All three programs he has suggested is the way to go if you want the best three free programs after you rip using the free version of DVDFab you can setup DVD Shrink to automatically burn with ImgBurn after it gets done with any necessary compression.



Just a few notes.
After the trial DVDFab goes to the free version if you don’t purchase it. The free version will only rip(read) to the full size (DVD9) to hard drive.
You then need to compress this with DVDShrink if you are burning (writing) to a single layer DVD.
You also need the correct version of DVDShrink if you are going to automatically use ImgBurn with it. This version is easily available & has been posted several times in the forum.


Try all the Movie Copy Softwares, the good ones ( mentioned above all have a free trial) so you cant go wrong. :smiley: