Ripping ac3 wave from divx

HI all,

I am trying to rip an ac3 stream to a wave file or an ac3 file

I used different tools, like virtualdub to do this.
The result is an wav file, but the sound is jerky.

Any one has a suggestions what could cause this

the audio is normal when i play the divx



if you use the “save WAV” feature in virtuadub or nandub it does not decode the audio, it just takes it out of the avi package and gives it a .wav extension. if you rename it to .ac3 you can then run it through a program like Headache that can convert it back into a raw wav file or mp3.

thanx for your fast answer

i did use virtual dub and nandub

but afther extracting the wav from the divx, it sounds like it skips or that there are ieces missing.

Make sure in VirtualDUB that you have Audio set at Direct Stream Copy. Then SAVE AVI and give it a file name ending in AC3 not WAV. You will not normally be able to play this stand alone file, then convert it to a genuine WAV file using Heada3ch or BeSweet.

thank you

it did work

an other happy costumer…lol