Ripping a vcd movie

probaply a newbie question. iam trying to rip a vcd video out of the cd-r to the computer, so i can make it into a DVD. i tried using vcdgear but it seems like it was only for audio extracting. are there any other programs i can use. i also tried diffrent dvd rippers (Magicdvd ripper) but it only reads from DVDs.
thanks in advance

Copy the .DAT file to your hard drive, rename it to .MPG

Convert with your favorite program.

cool, thanks alot! :bigsmile:

I think a VCD .DAT has some special headers that aren’t quite MPG compliant or something.

The point is, I use the “.dat -> .mpg” mode in VCDGear to rip any VCDs. Google it, it’s free.

I use vcdgear quite a bit to rip mpeg’s from image files. It works for the audio and video, you might have something not quite right when you select what you are ripping from. Good Luck.

I use SVCD2DVD It’s not free but it’s there is a demo you can try. Trust me, if speed is an issue it’s worth every dime.

I have been doing it my way for years with no issues.

Easy and no hasstle.

What issues should I be aware of if any?? I ask because I have not run into any
thus far.