Ripping a scratched disc

I’ve got an audio cd with some major scratches at the edge of a disc. Tried ripping it and burned it again but the last tracks skippy and crappy sounding. What are some good programs that have good error correction or can fix the tracks if possible. Thanx for any info.

The best is usually EAC.
But you have to configure “Secure Mode” properlly.

If you have a drive that reads C2-errors correctly it’s a good advantage.
To know this you can chack it with EAC, or “Test Device” from Feurio will tell if the drive announces that feature (not that it actually works, just announce).
What is your reader?

I think it’s not a good idea to check “Use C2 error information for error correction”. In my case EAC lies with an Ultraplex 40x and that enabled.
Just enable “Drive is capable of retrieving C2 error info” if your drive supports it.

Extract the track several times and use “Compare WAVs” tool.

Heavily scratched cd’s–>use CDex,a fine freeware ripper,can sometimes handle scratched cd’s that EAC can’t…can be slow on this kind of cd’s…:slight_smile:

I’ve got a HP 8200 oc’d to a 9110. EAC says my drive is not capable of retrieving c2 error informations. I’ll try ripping it secure mode and let you know of the results.

No problem.
Secure mode will repeat readings until 8 times out of 16 (I think) the result is the same.

Now, it all depends in how good is your drive.

You can also try another programs, like CDEx or Feurio… few times they work better than EAC.

That’s for sure ! :smiley:

CDex freeware
Feurio! shareware

According to the EAC manual: sometimes when your cd is really badly scratched, you can better use the burst reading method. This migth result in better extraction than with the secure method.

r you might buy a tool to remove scratches out of cd, called skipdoctor or summat i believe. I believe you can find a review sumwhere in the articles on cdfreaks…