Ripping a score from DVD

Hey fellas-

Im a new user here and need a bit of help that I think most of you could probably answer.

There was never a soundtrack released for the movie “Clue” and I really want to put one together for my own personal listening pleasure, but Im having some trouble finding a way to rip the audio from the dvd without picking up the vocal tracks as well. Can someone supply me with a step by step way of pulling just the music/sound effects track off the DVD. Ive seen people do it with movies like Domino, so it has to be possible here.

Any help would be much appreciated.

i have the same problem. i tried using a program called IMtoo dvd audio ripper to rip all the chapters from the dvd into making a score soundtrack but it ripped all the vocals/talking/dialogue as well. I just want the music and sound FX i dont want the dialogue as well. if anyone knows a program that can extract only the score from the dvd and not the talking please post it or email me. my email address is thanks.


Many would suggest you not post your e-mail address like that because Spam-bots can search the forums for e-mail addresses and spam the crap out of you. It is best to PM someone with your ADDY.

ok thanks rbraughn for the tip i did not know i could be spammed for posting my email address like that.
Im still looking for a program that has the ability to remove all the movie dialogue from the dvd. Here’s the thing. I have a couple of dvds at home. i tried one called “amytiville horror 4” and i wanted all the music and sound fx ripped from that movie. what the dvd audio ripper did was it located all the chapters in the video ts folder of the dvd and ripped all of those chapters to mp3. Now the program dvd audio ripper says it can rip complete movie soundtracks with sound fx and all but what it actually does is rip the entire movie with all the talking as well into parts or chapters. i think most of these dvd audio rippers do that. if anyone can help find me a program or knows a way to just get the music and fx out of the dvds please let me know thanks

you’ve seen people do it with movies like domino. Yes and on another note, i downloaded a mp3 from the movie “hook” score soundtrack and it was just track 3 titled “banning back home”. I noticed that when i played the mp3 it had complete score with sound fx. I’m pretty sure somebody had ripped it from a dvd. That got me pondering how on earth they removed all the vocal/talking/dialogue from that track? I’m very interested in finding a program that can remove the vocals as well. please post information if you have it theh1tman, thanks

well i keep on searching and searching for a good vocal remover. So far i finally found one exceptional vocal remover. The result when i remove the vocals from my dvd file is a little poorer quality than the original file but its still sounds alright. the name of the program is karaoke sound tools. one problem is that the volume is significantly reduced a huge deal when i remove the vocals. i dont know why that is? when im listening to the vocally removed track on headphones its ok but when i take the headphones out and listen to the track on speakers i can barely hear a thing. oh well. + its shareware so i might as well pay through credit card. :slight_smile: