Ripping A Movie From Blu Ray Disc

Hi All,
I am fairly new to the blu ray evolution and the different techniques associated with it. What I want to know is, as like DVD you can with some software just rip only the movie to a standard video format, for example, I used Magic DVD Ripper to rip my movies to .AVI format with no quality loss, is there an HD software program that can rip just a blu ray movie to a hard drive without loss of quality, but be just the movie in the required format? Hope that makes sense. Thanks for your help.

There is always quality loss when converting formats. Whether you notice it or not is another question.

You can rip a blu ray movie to the hard drive using AnyDVD HD. At the moment it is the only effective decryption program for BD+. I’m not sure what your “required format” is, but this program will rip the entire movie, menus and all in blu ray format.

Once there you can work with the files, or the ISO if that is what you rip to. It is possible to take just the main movie out using tsMuxeR. You can compress it (still in blu ray format) to fit smaller disks using BD-Rebuilder.

And it is possible to convert blu ray video to .mkv files, though this gets involved sometimes, depending on the codec used in the original film. Look through some posts over at on this process.