Ripping a DVR DVD

Hi guys (and gurls!)

I just recorded 3 TV shows, using a Lite-On DVR to a DVD-RW. I wanted to keep just one of the shows. DVD Shrink wouldn’t read the DVD-RW (structure violation) VOB Blanker wouldn’t read the DVD either for the same reason. I had to use DVD Fab Decrypter to my hard drive, then VOB Blanker to another folder, then DVD Shrink was able to read it. Only this time DVD Shrink worked in reverse! I set my DVR to burn on SLP so it only should have taken up 1 hour of the disk, by the time I got done, that one hour TV show filled the disk! Hmmmmm…

There must be an easier way to do this, none of it is copy protected, or encrypted, maybe there’s a tool to do this that I’m not aware of, does anyone have any clues?

Hi Jerry!

Is your recording device a standalone DVD recorder with hard drive?
If so, it should be easy to split the data into chapters/playlists then re-record the part you wish to save, using that device rather than a PC.

Hi James,

It’s a standalone (regular) DVD Recorder - No Hard Drive… I don’t have any real control over the files it burns to the DVD.

Thanks for the input,